Digital Navigator Class

Building Connected Communities | Digital Inclusion for Mental Health

If you’ve followed our blog for long, you’re familiar with “Digital Navigator” topics—and you know that a Digital Navigator promotes digital equity by helping clients get device access, household wireless services, and personalized training. This improves opportunities for: “Digital Navigators…
man looking at computer screen with calendar displayed

PTSD Awareness: Finding the Right Organizer App

PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is not an illness exclusive to battle-scarred Veterans: about one in twenty Americans have it, and they come from all career fields, genders, ethnicities, and ages. Nor do all trauma survivors develop PTSD: probably the highest…
man looking at phone with airpods in ears

Turning Down the Volume for Everyone’s Health

April 26 is International Noise Awareness Day. Whatever constitutes everyday “background noise” in your neighborhood or community, your conscious brain has probably learned to tune it out—but never giving it a thought may be costing you. Noise and Health The…