girl with in wheelchair holding ipad with family

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The need is great.

In 2011 the Centers for Disease Control issued a report stating that 1 in 6 children now have some developmental delay. Meaningful interaction, incorporation into the family, and education are an integral part of healthy development for children. Being able to read, communicate and/or use computers and technology at an early age helps to level the playing field for learning in the educational setting. In 2016 the Centers for Disease Control reported that 1 in 4 U.S. adults lives with a disability. Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the lives of seniors and caregivers.

Why mobile devices?

Many users of mobile devices have found that certain apps paired with such a device can be effective for improving skills and accelerating learning in people with disabilities. They are intuitive, relatively inexpensive and do not make a child with a disability seem different. Other children recognize iPads, and it does not seem scary or make the user unapproachable as some traditional devices and equipment can. Because mobile devices such as the iPad have a direct interface — no mouse, track pad, joystick or external mechanism required to operate the device users can access mobile devices more easily than a traditional computer. For many people, using low-cost easily purchased devices has resulted in true breakthroughs the first time their child said “I love you, the first time their daughter was able to order at a restaurant independently — the first time their son who is nonverbal could be employed because he has a means to communicate with customers.

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How your donation makes a difference:

  • $15 – Purchases apps for an iPad or Android device loaned from our Assistive Technology Labs to a family in need
  • $50 – Allows the publication of two app reviews on our website
  • $125 – Keeps our website resources FREE for one week
  • $350 – Provides a mobile device for a person with a disability
  • $500 – Provides training for a parent, teacher or therapist for effectively using mobile devices with children or adults with special needs

If you have hardware or technology to donate, please contact us.