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Make the most of your in-service training to leverage the power of mobile devices (including iPads and Android tablets) for students of all abilities. Whether you are a general education or special education teacher or paraprofessional, differentiating curriculum for students can be challenging. BridgingApps can assist you in selecting and using appropriate apps for your students whether you are a one-to-one district or a one-iPad classroom teacher.

Udemy Course

We invite you to join our FREE course, Getting Started with Mobile Devices for Special Needs: Accessories & Safety. Learn about options for preparing and protecting mobile devices by selecting appropriate accessories for a user with special needs. We have created this course for parents, caregivers, teachers, therapists or anyone who needs access to information to assist with setting up a mobile device for success. Our goal is to help you find solutions to address your unique situation.

And, our newest FREE course, Digital House Calls. The Digital House Calls training is a free step by step guide to help seniors and family caregivers learn how to have successful telemedicine or virtual health care experiences. The class is set up so that by completing each section, the learner will have their own readiness plan for before, during and after a telemedicine visit. The class is made up of real life and animated video scenarios. It also includes text and other visuals to help create an engaged self-paced learning experience.


This training includes 2 hours of demonstrating apps for pre-K, elementary, middle school and high school. A variety of apps including visual schedules, graphic organizers, reading support, writing apps, communication apps, choice boards and more will be demonstrated. Tips and tricks for linking apps to TEKS and Common Core Curriculum will be addressed.

BridgingApps Toolbox

This training includes 1 hour of in-depth demonstration of the BridgingApps Website and App Search Tool. Participants will come away with understanding how to leverage the power of the BridgingApps Search Tool, how to search app lists, create and share app lists. Includes 2 hour of apps demonstration combined with accessibility features, useful accessories and ideas to assist learners of all abilities. Tips and tricks for linking apps to IEPs, TEKS and Common Core Curriculum will be addressed.

Custom Training

Let us work with your group to develop and deliver a presentation or training session that meets your groups needs. Contact us for more information.

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  • Mobile Tech for All Abilities: Exploring Single Purpose Apps as Cognitive Support, Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities Conference, October, 2018
  • Let’s Talk: Caregiver to Caregiver – Using Technology to Help with Caregiving Responsibilities, Baylor CHI St. Luke’s Hospital, Houston, Texas, May 2018
  • Apps for Independence, Sherlock Center on Disabilities, Providence, Rhode Island, March, 2018
  • Apps for Emergency Planning and Disaster Preparedness, Tulane University Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy, New Orleans, LA, February, 2018
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  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication & BridgingApps Overview, St. George’s Hospital therapist training, Kogarah, Australia, February 14, 2017
  • Dyslexia Summit, Harris County Department of Education, January 10, 2017


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