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How to Search for Apps

Our custom-built App Search Tool allows users to access app reviews written by therapists, special education teachers and experts and focuses on skill, rather than age or diagnosis. Learn more about our App Search Tool features below to help you get started searching for apps on our website.

Explore our custom-built search engine to find apps categorized by skill, category, keyword to meet your specific needs.

Search for apps by lists. Search lists of curated apps or create your own list of apps you find helpful to share with others.

Access apps that have been evaluated and trialed with special needs users.

Input criteria to search for apps and save that search for future reference.

Provide feedback by rating apps based on our 5-star rating system to help others find and benefit from your favorite apps. Crowdsourcing information helps grow the knowledge base to benefit all.

Connect directly to the iTunes and Google Play stores to purchase apps from our app reviews.