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Welcome to BridgingApps. We are glad you are here!

Welcome to our community of people who are interested in how technology can enhance our lives. We gather resources about apps and mobile technology – low cost, handheld electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and wearables – that we update regularly to share with you.

What is BridgingApps?

BridgingApps is both a website and an in-person program of Easter Seals Greater Houston.  BridgingApps.org is a shortcut for finding apps for specific needs and how to make mobile technology work for your unique situation. This online resource includes app reviews by therapists, special education teachers and other professionals, a custom app search engine and database, training options for parents, organizations and schools and helpful articles on new products and accessories that our community finds useful. Our in-person program includes Assistive Technology (AT) labs, a ToyTech lending library, training options, and some limited technology evaluations in the Houston area.

Who is BridgingApps for?

The short answer – Everyone. One in 4 adults has a disability and 1 in 5 children has a developmental disability in the U.S. This means that you know or care for someone who has a disability or special health care need. With time, many of us will develop a disability or injury that can be temporary or permanent. Maybe you don’t think of yourself as having a disability, but you want to know how technology can help make everyday tasks a little easier. These resources are for you.

Technology cannot solve all problems, so don’t look for a silver bullet. However, we do believe that technology can be a positive powerful tool in our lives.

How to find what you need.

Getting Started includes basics on learning about device accessibility features, device types, products to help make them more usable like cases, carrying systems, wheelchair/bed mounts, as well as helpful how-to videos.

App Search/Find an App maintains about 2,400 apps for both Apple and Android platforms that is searchable by keyword, category, price, app developer, device type, diagnosis and more. Our approach to reviewing apps can also be found here. We invite you to explore all types of apps and browse app lists that our community has created. Have an app that you think should be added? Send it to us!

Services provides details on our Digital Navigator services, our community AT labs, our Family Transition Tool (www.TexasYouth2Adult.com), training options including inviting BridgingApps to speak at your group, free online classes, AT podcast, and signing up for our free weekly newsletter.

Communities highlight areas of interest for particular groups of people like educators, families, caregivers of all types, military families and veterans, and older adults and seniors.

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What we are learning.

The available research and the success stories we have captured reflect the potential power of using mobile touch-based technology and proper training to significantly impact the lives of people with disabilities. These devices can also serve as accessible tools for people who may have been previously disengaged from the world as a result of challenging language, motor, or other developmental delays.

Check out some of our amazing success stories.

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