Financial Tech

The Challenge

Many families work hard to get financially stable as they struggle with challenges related to disability. This includes lack of funding for home and community based services, competitive employment, the aftermath of natural disasters and access to health care. Some clients do not have WIFI access in their homes, so their mobile phone is sometimes their only access point to be online. Some clients use FinTech, but they use it just for credit score checking or checking bank balances. They miss opportunities for creating savings and accessing debt reduction tools.

What We are Doing

Easter Seals Greater Houston (ESGH) has provided financial coaching, education and homebuyer’s education for decades.  We work with the United Way Houston’s THRIVE collaborative program, National Disability Institute’s Financial Inclusion workgroup and Bank On and are certified HUD Housing Counselors and members of NeighborLIFTS. 

Though BridgingApps has shared app reviews and resources for users of all ages with disabilities for 10 years, thanks to a grant from the Consumer Technology Association Foundation (CTAF), we began curating and reviewing financial technology or “FinTech” apps.

In 2019 BridgingApps joined the Financial Health Network, a nonprofit organization focused on improving consumer financial health for all.

We are also part of the United Way Fintech Committee that focuses on three key areas: quality, scale and inclusion. This group provides input on trainings and standardization of financial coaching across the Network in addition to vetting financial technology products. This group has developed a formalized vetting process (Financial Tools and Products) for apps and FinTech products.

In 2020 BridgingApps collaborated on a pilot program with Consumer Action. This pilot provided financial coaching, FinTech Fact Guide, financial health measurement and FinTech apps to low to moderate consumers for real world review. Learn more about the results of this project.

FreddieMac, one of our national partners, brings you CreditSmart Essentials, a self-paced, accessible and user friendly tool to learn about managing money and building good credit. Check it out!

Beginner’s Guide to Personal Finance Apps

Fact sheet, videos, and tips for getting started with FinTech.

Financial Tools and Products

Learn about the framework for approaching FinTech products.