Mia’s Story

At 2.24am on Christmas eve 2004 my life changed forever when my gorgeous daughter Mia was born, but not in the way I had planned. Deprived of oxygen at birth, her first few hours were very hectic as doctors and…

SNApps4Kids Joins Easter Seals Family

It is with great pleasure that we announce SNApps4Kids has become a program of Easter Seals Greater Houston. Joining forces with Easter Seals allows SNApps4Kids to expand our reach and broaden our mission of using technology to help children with…

We Want Your Videos

There is no doubt the power and drive of the children in our lives, and we want to see it. Please help us share it with our online community. We want your videos! Here is how: How to upload video…

How to send us your video links

Here is how to find a video’s link on YouTube and send it to us: Instructions: On YouTube, find a video you like or one you have just made public. Below the video is a “Share” button, Click on it….

How to upload your video to YouTube

Uploading video to YouTube is very simple. Here is what you need to do: This tutorial assumes: You have a YouTube account. If you don’t, click here to sign up, it is free. You have already shot your video, and…

SNApps4Kids Launches App Review System

SNApps4Kids is pleased to announce an exciting new feature on its website–the SNApps4Kids Review System. In addition to the developer’s description of an app, the review system provides supplementary information that focuses on skills, not age or developmental level.

A Labor of Love – Vincent

Climbing slowly and carefully onto the treadmill, 7 year-old Vincent smiles with anticipation. He pushes the button, and his feet begin to move rhythmically.

Apps for People with Special Needs

Imagine not being able to verbalize the most basic needs of everyday life. Now visualize having a device that overcomes this disabling condition and gives you the power to communicate with those who love and care for you.