sign that says police

The World of Police Encounters: How to Prepare a Disabled Family Member

The traditional motto of a police department is “protect and serve.” For many people, however, the word “police” evokes quite opposite feelings. Traditional police training took few steps to prevent biased and rough treatment of certain populations—a concern which often…
group of adults sitting in chairs in business office training

Business Etiquette with Autism: Or, How to Be Professional Without Exhausting Yourself

See also: April is Autism Acceptance Month. Employers value “soft skills”: problem-solving, team-based collaboration, clear communications, time management, flexibility, self-control. Which is why the majority of U.S. adults with autism are unemployed: autistic brains have limited executive-function capacities, which regulate…
mom and dad meeting with teacher

Assistive Technology in Schools: Top Things Every Parent Should Know

How much do you know about your child’s right to use assistive technology (AT) in school? The U.S. Department of Education has recently issued new guidelines, published this January as Myths and Facts Surrounding Assistive Technology Devices and Services. Here…