Trident Kraken Hybrid Case for iPad

One of the parents in our iPad group uses this case with their 2 special needs kids. They have been using iPod Touches for 4 years now and like Trident Kraken Hybrid Case for iPad. This is very robust, drool proof case. What you cannot see from this picture is that it has a plastic screen protector so you do not need to buy that separately. What I like about this case is that there are handles on either side of the iPad to give you more surface to grip. This is a nice design feature that can reduce unwanted/false hand gestures there by reducing frustration. All ports areaccessibleso the iPad does not need to be removed for charging as an example.

This case comes in a black and a number of different highlight color and is less expensive than theOtterbox iPad Defender Case. The Otterbox has the advantage of having built in stand.

One thought on “Trident Kraken Hybrid Case for iPad

  1. The Kraken is great for a child that drops their iPad or drools all over it.

    My son has had the Kraken for 3 weeks and I no longer worry about him dropping his iPad. In the past, his iPad use was restricted because I did not want it to get damaged. Now he has iPad freedom and my stress level has dropped.

    Also, the cover and screen are one piece. It keeps liquids from getting into the device (within reason).

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