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Tech Tools for Caregivers | Parenting Special Needs Magazine

At BridgingApps, we are constantly gathering, researching, and trialing not only mobile apps for your tablet and smartphone, but also devices, web-based software tools, accessories, and more. We were recently invited to attend and present at the ATIA (Assistive Technology Industry Association) 2023 Conference where we were able to connect with app developers that we already knew such as CoughDrop, who develops amazing AAC boards and communication tools, Time Timer, who created the original visual timer used by Special Education teachers for years that is now a handy mobile app (you can even use it on an Apple Watch!!), as well as meeting developers with apps that we are excited to add to our database.  For this issue, we thought we would share some of the apps and tools we learned about at ATIA that can help you organize the healthcare of your loved one as well as help with everyday care for their physical and mental health. 

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