Home Button Guards by Lasered Pics

Lasered Pics makes home button guards to help prevent the home button from being activated. When the home button is activated, it brings the iPad to the home screen shutting off the app that is being worked in. The home button guard is an acrylic strip with a suction cup on each end. It is placed over the home button along the edge of the iPad when using an app. It was created for use with children who like to hit the home button when they are working on an app so they can go to the home screen to see what other apps are on the iPad.

Lasered Pics had several requests for this product from our customers. The home button guard can be used with any case that the home button isn’t already covered by. Home button guards can be ordered in clear acrylic and in colors. If you want the guard to be less noticeable to the user, they recommend either clear or black. They also recommend that the iPad be removed from the sight of the child being worked with if you are changing apps and have to temporarily remove the home button guard. This will prevent the child from learning how the home button guard works.

$5 USD

Home button guards can be found on Lasered Pics website at www.laseredpics.biz under the Adaptive Technology Supplies tab. Feel free to contact Lasered Pics with any comments, questions or suggestions.


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