Teachers | Five Tips on When to use the iPad in the Early Childhood Classroom

The concept of using the iPad in the classroom makes a lot of sense. It is lightweight, small, can travel with you around the room, and the most obvious….kids LOVE it. That sounds great and all, but when do I actually use it with my students? Here are some ideas on how to integrate this learning tool into your day to day routine.


Tip #1: Waiting

It can be so hard for kids to wait. And often, children will begin to misbehave if the wait is too long. Go to one of these apps during a wait time and engage the children.

Sing Sing Together

Wheels on the Bus

The Monster at the End of this Book


Tip #2: Centers

Learning centers are a way to enrich the daily classroom experience. During this time children work independently or with a small group of peers to accomplish an activity. Have the iPad as a center where children can come to learn concepts using one of these apps.

Toddler Teasers



Tip #3: Timer

Concept of time is still abstract for the Early Childhood student. Help them to understand “how long” by using a visual timer on your iPad.

Shapes Toddler Preschool

Autism Timer

Time Timer


Tip #4: Calming

The Preschool environment can often be overstimulating for many children. Sometimes a child may need a “break” to go sit by themselves and relax. Here are some apps to calm a child.



White Noise


Tip #5: Reward

Children need positive reinforcement. The iPad is an easy way to offer up a visual reward quickly.

iReward Chart


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