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Get Ready to….Transition!

Transition Apps

Transition Planning – What is THAT?

Simply stated, transition is the in-between phase from childhood to adulthood. It is often a time with some anxiety and uncertainty because it follows, perhaps, years of having a daily routine driven by a school schedule and activities. This provided built in daily purpose and expectations of how you spent your time. Moving from childhood to adulthood is hard for all kids and even harder and more complex for kids with special health care needs or disabilities.

So is it time to think about what’s next? Maybe you are a young adult thinking about college or what you will do after you finish high school. Or maybe you are the parent of a teen wondering what kind of support your son or daughter might need as they get older. The struggle may be not only with figuring out what you want to do next in your life but it may also be figuring out how exactly to get there. And that takes planning.

It is important to start planning as early as possible. The more informed you are about your options, the easier it will be to make good decisions and make a smooth transition. This is where TexasYouth2Adult can help!

growing up imageIn 2016 BridgingApps was awarded a grant to create an online tool to assist Texas families with children who have special health care needs access information and prepare and successfully help them transition to adulthood.

Launching in October, TexasYouth2Adult is an easy to use tool online and on mobile platforms like smartphones and tablets to help teens, young adults, parents and caregivers understand the process of moving from childhood to adulthood. The online tool guides this important planning process with suggested checklists, tasks, helpful links, forms, easy to read articles and a timeline of what to do and when to do it. The goal is to help you prepare, plan and successfully make the transition to adulthood!

Here’s a wonderful story that highlights 18 year old Abdi’s journey to becoming a young adult:

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