PSN September October 2018

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The pencils, notebooks, paper, and backpacks have all been purchased. The first day excitement has come and gone, and maybe (fingers crossed), your child is settling into a new school routine. Perhaps your child’s teachers have communicated with you daily since school started or maybe only a little. Either way, they have had time to become more familiar with your child; discovering some of their likes and dislikes, the level of support they need, etc.

Now is a great time to help the teachers and other staff who work with your child to get to know them better. You might want to consider the people in the building that have contact with your child, but who are not necessarily those that would have access to the confidential IEPs and such related to your child. For example, these could be cafeteria helpers, grade level paraprofessionals, and office staff. These  individuals have an impact on your child’s day and would likely appreciate knowing more about them to aid in conversations when they interact with them.

We at BridgingApps set out to find some simple (and fun!) ways for you to create a 1 page mini-portfolio of your child to share with professionals and other adults in your child’s life, either electronically or in paper form. You don’t have to be a graphic artist or tech expert to put together these simple visuals.  We have come up with some recommendations about how your child can be involved in the development of this summary based on their skill level. Think of this as a project you and your child can create together that helps to build self-advocacy skills!

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PSN September October 2018

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