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One Moment Meditation AppDay 3 of 30 Back To School Apps in 30 Days ✏️

Meditation apps are an excellent example of how mobile devices can be an incredibly helpful tool beyond it’s typical phone/text use. Whether its helping users to tackle anxiety, improve focus and productivity, overcome fear, or to take a much needed timeout, there is no short supply of available mediation apps on the market. The One-Moment Meditation app is one of these apps except that it is missing something. It is missing all the bells and whistles which makes it feel uncluttered, easy to use and fantastic.

The One-Moment Meditation app (OMM app) is brilliant in its simplicity. There is a quick tutorial that makes it’s mission clear: the importance of “taking a moment”. It encourages the user to take time for a moment because it takes ‘just a minute” and we all have time for just a minute.

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