Google Duo Now Offers Automatic Captioning

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Video Communication with friends and family whether they are in your backyard or miles away is easy using Google’s app, Google Duo, for voice and video calls. Now it is even easier to connect Android devices and iOS with video calling. Google Duo is a free download and available on your Android or Apple phone or tablet. You can even set up Google Duo on your computer. Both parties have to download the app to begin chatting.

Google Duo offers an automatic captioning service for both audio and video messages, although the captioning is performed on Google’s servers rather than on your personal device. While this may cause privacy concerns to many people, others that rely on captioning due to their hearing impairments may prefer to have the option available. If you want to enable automatic captions for Google Duo audio and video messages, you need to go into the app settings.

Click the link below for detailed instructions on how to turn on live captioning:
How To Use Live Caption

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