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BridgingApps just published the following BridgingApps Reviewed App on the site:

Video Communication with friends and family whether they are in your backyard or miles away is easy using Google’s new app, Google Duo, for voice and video calls. Now it is even easier to connect Android devices and iOS (Apple Devices) with video calling. Google Duo is a free download and available on your Android or Apple phone or tablet. You can even set up Google Duo on your computer. Both parties have to download the app to begin chatting. After you set up Duo for web, you can use Duo on your computer without your phone being turned on or nearby. If you make calls from your computer, Duo will not use your mobile data. In fact, if you are not connected to wifi, Google Duo will use a lower quality video to allow you to save your plan’s data (unless you tell it to do otherwise). Google Duo also supports video calling for groups up to 8 people.

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