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Vote for BridgingApps at SXSW 2017

Earlier this year we had the honor to participate in panels at both SXSWInteractive and SXSWedu, and we need your help to present at SXSW again in 2017! We are excited to share that we have BridgingApps representatives on several proposals for SXSW this upcoming year.

To be selected, the presentations are judged in part by votes from the public. This allows SXSW to gauge interest in the proposed topics. Please help support BridgingApps by voting for and sharing our proposals to let our community know how using mobile devices and apps effectively can positively impact people with disabilities. Below we have included information on each proposal as well as voting instructions.

Apps Designed For All

Apps and mobile devices including phones and tablets are common place items in the lives of most people today. Good app design is good for all and leads to inclusion of all people. Including those with different abilities, a variety of educational levels and cultural differences is vital to the success of the application. This panel will address the importance of app design for inclusion. The panelists have a variety of expertise in app design and social, racial, educational and gender for panel idea

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Awesome Apps Work For All Students

Good design makes products better for all. When designing apps or evaluating apps, the apps that will work the best for all students are apps that are designed well and will work for a variety of students. On this panel, we will discuss why some apps are universally loved and work well for many students. The panel will include experts in the use of mobile apps for the education of preschool aged students through college students. We will discuss specific apps and what makes the design universal and inclusive. The panel will include a special educator, a general educator and a college student. You will leave this panel knowing what to look for in an app and how to design your app for all.

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Using Technology to Heal Our Heroes

In 2014, reported that there were 3.8 million disabled veterans in the United States. After these men and women fight for our country, they deserve to get access to the support they need to optimize their lives. Technology can make a huge difference in the lives of disabled veterans and other people with disabilities. During this panel, we will explore these cutting edge technologies that change lives. Three of the panelists are veterans who are actively helping other veterans using technology. The panelists will also discuss what factors make technology accessible and valuable to veterans and others with disabilities.

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Voting is open from August 8 – September 2!

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