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Go for the Goal – Your Story WINNER

Braxton ImageBraxton won our Go for the Goal – Your Story Giveaway! He will receive a gold package of an iPad Air, case, CHAT bag and consultation by phone for customized app selection with a BridgingApps Team member.

Thanks to all of you who participated in our contest by sharing your goals, offering positive support for each other and voting for a story that touched your heart. All of our finalists put forth heroic effort each day, and we applaud them for their grit, determination and courage. You have inspired us!

Braxton’s Story

When Braxton was born, the neonatologist didn’t give us much hope for a long life for Braxton and little to no expectations. Needless to say, all the inchstones and milestones have always been worth celebrating! One of our recent goals is learning to ride his AmTryke independently so he can enjoy a bike ride with his big sister. He continues to make steady progress being able to propel himself forward on his own for short distances. Can’t wait to watch him race his sister down the road!

Please join us in congratulating Braxton and his family!

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