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Tech Tools to Support Literacy Accommodations | Parenting Special Needs Magazine

As the summer comes to an end and school preparations start, many of you are, like us, reviewing accommodations with your child’s teachers and paraprofessionals, as well as with your child if appropriate for their age and cognitive level.  So, how do we make the most of the accommodations without going overboard?  Accommodations come in lots of different forms and levels of support.  They are great for “leveling the playing field” for students with disabilities when used appropriately.  When not implemented consistently, or when used in a way that offers more support than the student needs, they can undermine the original purpose of having them. 

With this in mind, we started thinking about what seem to be the most common types of accommodations used in classrooms, those intended to support reading and writing needs.  At BridgingApps we get a lot of questions around how to support these needs!  We decided to offer you some inspiration for supporting your child in the classroom and at home by sharing apps, both for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as for your PC,  that support literacy.  We hope that you will find at least one tool that works for your child, and maybe even for you, as these apps are helpful for people of all ages.  Hope you all have a great school year!

Read the full Parenting Special Needs Article for a list of apps to support literacy accommodations.

Parenting Special Needs Magazine

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