Summer Apps for Teens

Summer is a great time to practice skills gained from the previous school year, build a life-long love of reading and research and explore areas of personal interest. This is the third part of our three part series (early learners and elementary students) sharing our educational app recommendations for summer.

Check out our favorite must-have educational apps for summer fun and learning. These apps are geared towards teens, have been trialed with teens of various abilities and reviewed by professional educators and therapists. All of the apps listed below are educational, engaging and fun. Click the See On Pinterest button and then tap an app of your choice for links to full reviews and download.

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  1. I\’m looking for Spanish communication apps for my son. His ability to learn another language is very limited. I heard about a possible release of a Spanish proloquo version from Apple. But they said that since September last year. Do I have another options?

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