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Parenting Special Needs Magazine Holiday Edition 🎄 Technology Empowerment

The holidays can mean different things to you and your family depending on your beliefs and traditions. Some families travel during the holidays, either to visit family or friends or just to unwind and relax a bit, while others stay home and host parties and get togethers big and small. For families parenting children with complex needs, whether it be sensory, physical, medical, or other, the holidays can sometimes mean extra stressors. The unstructured time due to school breaks and therapy providers being closed can be difficult for those of our children who rely on predictable schedules and routines. 

If your family exchanges gifts this time of year, many people may be asking what kinds of gifts they can get your child or maybe you are looking for ideas to help family and friends include your child in games and activities? Maybe this is difficult because your child doesn’t enjoy playing with or experiences frustration with accessing traditional toys and games. We decided to share some of our favorite tech toys and apps in an effort to help ease the holiday stress for you a bit, enjoy! Read more about the products and suggestions for use then check out the apps that go along with them.

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