Family Caregivers and the Holiday Season

November is National Family Caregivers Month, but for most BridgingApps clients (and many of our team members), every day is a caregiver work day. As November segues into December, here are our best apps and tips for keeping the holiday season manageable. And more joyful.


Need help coordinating family schedules? Making travel plans? Shopping? Keeping a family member entertained while you attend to holiday duties? These apps got high reviewer ratings in our BridgingApps database.

See also these fun holiday apps for children and families:


Of course, however good your apps toolkit, plenty of things are still your responsibility. These are our best tips for making December joyful instead of draining:

  • Keep your family and your own self-care as top priorities. Never tell yourself that you “should” spend more time on spectacular decorations, recipes, parties, or handmade gifts—no matter what your friends and neighbors do, or what you yourself may have done in the past. Think about what those closest to you really need, this year.
  • Schedule a day every week as “family time” and one as “me time,” for catching your breath and enjoying life’s quieter blessings.
  • If your family includes natural introverts or anyone with sensory-overload issues, they may need more than a couple of days a week without festivities. Don’t ruin their day (and provoke them to ruin everyone else’s) by dragging them along to the holiday market: arrange for an alternate caretaker so everyone can enjoy the day in their own way.
  • Share the work: invite everyone to help with holiday chores, according to what they do best and enjoy most. And definitely include the disabled family member(s). Their best “gift that keeps on giving” may be increased self-confidence, knowing that their contributions are valued.

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