Blue icon in Apple for Live Hearing feature

Lunch & Learn: Let’s Get Accessible with Your Devices — Getting to Know Accessibility Features that Can Help with Hearing Including Using Siri & Google Assistant

Blue icon in Apple for Live Hearing feature

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Plan to join us virtually Wednesday, March 9, from 12:00 – 12:30 pm for this FREE event by clicking on the link to RSVP and add to your calendar. Feel free to share with a friend.

Whether you are hard of hearing, experiencing sudden hearing loss, or have a known hearing disability — we want to show you some accessibility features built right inside your phone that you might not know about.  We’ll look at the subtitles and closed captioning subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing options built right into your phone. Did you know that you can set your phone to flash alerts using the LED light from your iPhone’s camera?

In our last Lunch & Learn, we talked about accessibility features for vision that can help people that have lost their vision or starting to experience vision loss. We also shared how sometimes these features under vision accessibility features can also help with having text read aloud on your device. On April 6, we will move into some of the accessibility features involving physical and motor, including haptic touch.

The month of April brings us to Autism Awareness month and we’ll explore Guided Access, a feature that has been around for a long time in our April 20 Lunch & Learn.  We’ll be sharing some favorite ways to use this great accessibility feature (specifically for teachers in the classroom and caregivers managing screen time at home).  For more on this, you can watch one of our great videos on Guided Access

To learn more about these events and other topics we have explored in the past, check out our Lunch and Learn page.

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