iPad Steady Stylus

Steady Stylus for iPad with the conductive fabric stylus sock concept; no drag, no pressure.


What you get is a handmade, durable, fully conductive T-shaped stylus. The grip is made from transparent rubber wrapped around a wooden stick. The pointer is made from aluminum with a conductive fabric sock plug as the tip. The outer dimensions are 10 x 10cm, the grip diameter is 15mm and the tip diameter is 9mm.

It can be used on an iPad or any other device with a capacitive touch screen. Typical iPad apps for Assistive and Augmentitive Communication (AAC) and Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) are:

AnswersHD, TapSpeak Button & Choice, Voice4U, Alexicom, Auto Verbal, SpeechBuddy, Proloquo2Go, TouchChat HD, TapSpeak Sequence, iCommunicate, SmackTalk, Talking Carl.

Here’s the background story…

Late 2010 we launched the “Stylus Socks” concept; a conductive fabric item that – when put around a pen holder – becomes an iPad stylus. Suddenly people with special support needs – who ordered a regular stylus – started providing feedback and photo’s on how they tweaked their stylus’ sock around their existing mouth or t-shaped stick. Then we took this inspiration and need to our garage and started offering the mouthstick and steady stylus as ready-to-use special styli. And so far, it’s an interesting niche since traditional vendors in this space don’t address the tablets properly yet.

Cheers, Ivo

$40.00 USD

Available on etsy:http://www.etsy.com/listing/67270402/ipad-steady-stylus

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