iPad Mouthstick Stylus

Mouthstick Stylus for iPad with the conductive fabric stylus sock concept; no drag, no pressure.

When a customer with high level quadriplegic ordered a regular Stylus Socks stylus, several custom approaches were taken for a proper experience. Under normal circumstances, the energy of the finger flows to the iPad’s touchscreen when holding the stylus’ conductive fabric. But when using the mouth, this is no longer the case.

We discovered two working solutions:

  1. A fully conductive mouthstick with a Stylus Sock on the tip
  2. AseparateStylus Sock that you can wrap around your own mouthstick plus a slice of the same conductive fabric that connects the sock to the iPad body

Both solutions will give people with ALS, MS or others that can’t use their hands a proper touch experience with their iPad, iPhone or other capacitive touch device. In solution 1, a regular conductive fabric Stylus Sock is wrapped around an aluminum stick. When taking the stick in the mouth, you get a conductive chain that transports the human body’s energy to the screen. In solution 2, a regular Stylus Sock is wrapped around your own mouthstick. An extra slice of conductive fabric connects the sock with the body of the iPad. This piece of fabric transports the iPad body’s energy to the screen. As such, any regular mouthstick can be used; just wrap a Stylus Sock around the tip and connect it with a slice of the same conductive fabric to the iPad’s body. So now it’s the iPad instead of the human body that generates the required energy. Both approaches don’t require a wire in the mouth. And of course a mix is possible of both approaches.

What comes in the box is solution 1, the fully conductive mouthstick with a default stick size of 30 cm / 12 inch. Please specify any custom requirements in the comments during checkout or contact me upfront. And if you have an existing mouth piece, you can swap the one that comes with the stick.

Here’s the background story…

Late 2010 we launched the “Stylus Socks” concept; a conductive fabric item that – when put around a pen holder – becomes an iPad stylus. Suddenly people with special support needs – who ordered a regular stylus – started providing feedback and photo’s on how they tweaked their stylus’ sock around their existing mouth or t-shaped stick. Then we took this inspiration and need to our garage and started offering the mouthstick and steady stylus as ready-to-use special styli. And so far, it’s an interesting niche since traditional vendors in this space don’t address the tablets properly yet.

Cheers, Ivo

$40.00 USD

Available on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/listing/64832134/ipad-mouthstick-stylus

2 thoughts on “iPad Mouthstick Stylus

  1. Hello. I have purchased mouth stick stylus\’s and all have come up short. Cannot produce enough pressure to activate the ipad from the stilus tip. I found the condusive tips that come in a two pack for 19.00 on etsy. I pressed the link that was provided on this page. My question is do I only need to purchase the conductive tips to slip onto my existing mouth stick only? I was reading that the sock concept needed a special tip and a piece of fabric placed on the ipad? What do I need?
    Thank you,
    Leigha Foote

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