Gab n Go Harness for iPod/iPhone


It’s no secret that AAC devices can bring the world of a language to a non-verbal child. What’s not as known, however, is how to overcome the biggest challenge of investing in one….getting your child to actually use it. Due to accessibility of these devices, many end up damaged, lost, or on the shelf….where they are no use to your child.


Safen Sound Mobile has developed a solution to change that – our new patent-pendingGab n Go harness. It puts the AAC device where it needs to be –right in front– making communication for your childeasy, accessible, and timely.


This unique solution, designed foriPhone/iPod AAC devices, features –


  • A comfortable, fully adjustable, washable harness that positions the mobile device out front, thereby maximizing accessibility and eliminating communication delays.
  • An outward facing, 500 mW, fully rechargeable attached speaker that ensures your child will be heard.
  • Easy to remove cables that connect all the components.
  • A securing component to protect the mobile device from loss or damage.

    USD $40.00

    Domestic Priority: 10.95
    International Priority:45.50
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3 thoughts on “Gab n Go Harness for iPod/iPhone

  1. I have seen this harness in action and the design is very innovative, providing great access to the mobile device for the user and communication partner. The speaker system allows the communicative messages to be audible and understandable in a variety of environments (indoor and outdoor).
    Julie North MS CCC/SLP
    AAC Consultant

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