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uChoose AppUChoose is an app targeting social skills of children on the autism spectrum. The method employed by the developer aims to help children understand social cues and feel more comfortable in their environment. The program is specifically targeted at the cognitive profile of children on the autism spectrum who are ready to engage more in social situations. This means that the role play method used by the game involves:

• A highly visual platform
• A goals-based approach to learning
• A series of systematic decisions to guide the user through each situation
• Characteristics of a role playing video game with intrinsic motivators

Skills children will learn while enjoying the fun adventures with Billy include:

• Taking turns
• Greeting friends
• Managing anger
• Identifying emotions

uChoose App
The app presents situations in which a young boy, Billy, must make decisions about appropriate behaviors. It helps the child with greeting, turn taking, calming down and responding to emergencies. At this time there are two situations available – Billy’s home and his school. A narrator, represented by a small dog at the corner of the page, will ask the child questions about the situations. Different areas of the page are highlighted and when touched, suggested words or activities are presented. The child must choose an answer. If the answer is correct, the narrator compliments the child and the play continues. If the answer is incorrect, the narrator will make suggestions of a better answer. If the child still does not answer correctly, the narrator will give the correct answer.

This app is designed for children 7-11 years of age with reading ability. It can be played with children younger but an adult will have to help them be reading the options displayed on the page.

During the BridgingApps trial, students enjoyed the story and played the app several times in each scene with interest. Children were observed discussing situations before and after they played the game so it provided good platforms for verbal exchanges during therapy.

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