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Autism iHelp Language Concepts AppAutism iHelp – Language Concepts app helps children learn concepts needed for language development. This app targets fundamental vocabulary building concepts in a variety of formats. While utilizing real-life photographs, this app requires the learner to demonstrate more than just basic understanding of targeted vocabulary during manipulation activities involving categorization, and sorting skills. Additionally, you are able to track your child’s gains through progress reports that average the last 3 performances of each learning enhancement activity.

The child is shown photographs of objects and a concept is presented. The child must choose the correct picture that best describes that concept. The app allows the therapist to choose options of play, such as the number of choices presented (2, 3,or 4), whether the question and answers are printed and what type of voice is used. Level 1 has four sets of concepts: descriptive words, places, categories and colors. In addition there are two “What does not belong” activities and one set of questions that combines all the concepts. Level 2 presents two activities for finding a pair, finding the group and finding all in a group. Each activity has 8 questions. The app can be downloaded for free with one activity for each level. The additional activities cost $2.99 for each level.

Autism iHelp – Language Concepts was reviewed with elementary age children with autism and developmental delay. Users easily recognized the photographs of the objects and participated with interest. Children did have to remember to move to the next page after the correct answer was given. Therapists could increase the difficulty level by choosing more answer chooses.

Suggested IEP goals:
Identify basic comparison vocabulary
Identify basic vocabulary relating to size, color, shape, quantity, quality
Increase vocabulary through categorization of words by class, function or attribute
Identify similarities and differences between pairs or groups of objects

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