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The Sight Word Adventure AppApp Review by Hannah Rosenthal

The Sight Word Adventure is an app that allows users to practice their reading and spelling of sight words. It is visually appealing and interesting, differentiated, grows with the user and the sight words are taught in an order and manner that aligns with good classroom practice.

For students, the app is engaging and effective. The games are multi-sensory and fun, allow for student choice and include replicas of carnival-like games and even building blocks. Beyond an app students like to play, this is a truly research-based, Universally Designed app.

Users can begin at any level, and adults can even add unique words to any level! This way, the app can be individualized for students and can directly relate to unique curriculums and even language programs with their own word list sequences, such as Orton-Gillingham based programs. This section also details how the app relates to Common Core State Standards as well as offers a data-collection tab that records user progress as they move through the app. Setting customizations include changing the accent, adding capital letters and adjusting the dashboard language. The app also allows for multiple users.

Overall, this is a highly recommended app for teachers, tutors and parents alike. It is a great tool for individualized learning both for students on grade-level and students requiring specialized instruction, and can be a powerful tool to build home-school connections or tutor-classroom connections. It available across all platforms, is affordable, and is a good value for the price, as users will get a lot of use out of the purchase. It can be used with multiple curriculums, grows with student’s individual learning, and most importantly, kids love to play it!

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