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Scene & Heard AppBridgingApps just published the following BridgingApps Reviewed App on the site:

Scene & Heard is an augmentative communication program based on visual scenes in context for communication. It is useful for communicating basic needs and more complex thoughts. It can be used with direct touch or switches.

Scene & Heard comes preloaded with 18 scenes that can be used as examples or platforms to begin adapting communication skills. Scenes can be added to the library and audio messages, video clips, buttons and Widget symbols can be added to each scene. Also, scenes can be linked together. A new scene can also be drawn with an in-app drawing tool.

This app is useful in that real pictures can be easily imported into the app and messages and actions put in the scene quickly. A child can have access to items he needs to communicate about quickly. And the use of real pictures makes the app better for children that are not ready for more abstract augmentative systems. In addition, this app gives the teacher or parents the ability to schedule a task using a visual schedule display. The page can be set to appear at a certain time or a notification can be sent or appear on a calendar.

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