Letter Cross Tracking

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Letter Cross TrackingLetter Cross Tracking is an engaging app that helps children with visual tracking, visual discrimination, and spatial relationship skills. This app is particularly beneficial for kids who struggle with similar letters and being able to distinguish the difference.

Letter Cross Tracking has 150 different combinations with three levels. In app purchases allow users to play up to 450 combinations. The boards look like tic tac toe boards. Level one presents with two letters. Users must find the matching letter board. Level 2 is also two letters but a complex cross and Level 3 has three letters with a complex cross. Users can add multiple players and track the student’s score, though it is a running score rather than a real data tracker.

BridgingApps highly recommends this app for students who need reinforcement tracking and differentiating similar letters. The Letter Cross Tracking is free at the iTunes and Google Play stores.

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