BridgingApps Reviewed App | Articulation R & R Blends

icon175x175 (1)Articulation R & R Blends is a speech and language app designed for practice of words with the /r/ and /r/ blend sounds. Available at the iTunes and Google Play stores for .99, the Articulation R & R Blends app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. BridgingApps recommends this app for users between the ages of 3 and 12 years.

The app presents with flashcards with illustrations of a picture and a word. When the user touches the picture, an animation and sound is made. When the user touches the written word, it is spoken. There are approximately five pictures for each target sound. The targets include initial, medial and final /r/ sounds in words and words with /r/ blends.

Articulation R & R Blends was reviewed with elementary aged children with developmental delays and autism. These children enjoyed watching the animations and imitated the words. The app can be played independently without assistance from the therapist. It can also be used as practice or reinforcement after a therapy session.

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