Portrait of a young adult African American male soldier and a young adult mixed race female soldier with thier diverse multi-generation family in the garden outside their home, embracing and smiling to camera, a US flag draped over the shoulders of the kids

We Thank You, Veterans | Support, Services and Resources


Easter Seals Greater Houston was thrilled to be a recipient of the Texas Veterans + Family Alliance grant that is committed to improving the quality of life of Texas veterans and their families by increasing access to mental health supports.

We are proud to be serving our Veterans and their families in partnership with the following:

  • The UT Trauma and Resilience Center for short term, function focused behavioral treatment for the really severe cases of PTSD, depression, and grief.
  • The Wellness Collaborative founded to provide a nurturing environment and help those struggling with alcohol and drug use.
  • Easter Seals Greater Houston, for longer term treatments, and with a specialty serving families and children.

BridgingApps has been leveraging its technology program that uses smartphones, tablets and apps to help veterans and their family members access mental health supports and improve their mental health outcomes. Current projects include system level change/outreach and direct services through counseling, case management, technology, telehealth, and other supports that increase access to mental health services. Mental health services include individual and group mental health counseling, peer to peer supports, interventions and/or trainings. Services are complimented by case management to help break down barriers to services and resources and by providing a consistent, trusted place where the Veteran/family member can turn when issues arise.

Through this work, we have created the BridgingApps Veterans Page which is a dedicated resource for Veterans and their family. The site features our many app lists, as well as tactical tech tips, digital mail call and operation iPad deployment.

BridgingApps has also created a list of our favorite iOS and Android apps for Veterans. Click the link below to see the full list, read our reviews and download:

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