Texas Youth2Adult Resources: Colleges with IDD Programs

Disorders such as Down syndrome or autism needn’t mean a lifetime of dependence. Many people with such disabilities can be employed and self-supporting—and there have never been more options available.

Higher education, for instance, is no longer reserved for academic superachievers. More and more colleges are initiating programs where students with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDDs) can share university environments with neurotypical peers, while learning independent-living and employability skills. These programs include personal coaching and are customized to student abilities.

Over the past few months, our TexasYouth2Adult website has highlighted several higher-education options, including programs at:

To find the long list, visit the TexasYouth2Adult website and search for “College IDD Highlight.” It’s never too soon or too late to plan for the future, and nobody should miss out!

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