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Tech Tips to Help Prepare Your Child for Life after High School | Parenting Special Needs Magazine

As parents, we spend more than a little time worrying about our children’s futures and if  your child is anywhere between the ages of 10 and 21 years old, you may be asking yourself some of the following questions as they get settled into this school year: What will life look like after they graduate or age out of school?  Are they prepared to live as an adult?  Will they be pursuing a post high school education or job-training program or will they be going straight into the work world? 

The process of helping a child move from childhood to adulthood is difficult for all parents; however, for those of us with children with special educational or medical needs, it can be especially exhausting!  As usual, we have gathered some of our favorite apps, as well as a web-based tool, for transition age teens and young adults.

Cognitopia: A Cool Web-Based Tool for Self-Advocacy and More
Cognitopia is a suite of accessible apps for self-management and executive functioning that help people with cognitive disabilities be more independent while helping caregivers provide better support.  It was designed by a team of professionals with experience in AT and working with those who have cognitive and developmental disabilities. Their goal is to help solve everyday problems in order to improve the quality of life for all individuals.  Using Cognitopia, caregivers can assist their loved one with creating (or create for them depending on ability) an online portfolio of their needs, goals, etc.  Take a look at a video by our BridgingApps Director and Co-Founder, Cristen Reat, to learn how she uses Cognitopia with her son, Vincent.
Cognitopia with Cristen & Vincent

Apps for Your Smartphone or Tablet
Does your student need help organizing their notes and to-do lists?  Or maybe they need help producing written materials?  What about getting that first job?  Do you know how to help them create that first resume or prepare for a job interview? 

We have some great mobile app solutions for these issues and more, check out the link below for detailed information.  You might notice that many of these apps are a bit more costly than the free or very low cost apps we usually share.  In researching and working with apps of all different kinds over the years, we have found that sometimes apps cost more because they are loaded with ready to use pictures, videos, etc. to help already busy and overwhelmed caregivers easily get started with personalizing the app for their loved one.  The apps below definitely fit that description. 

Click the link below to see all the apps and read the full Parenting Special Needs Magazine article:

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