Swiss Stylus Versatile Gripper

il_570xN.558224972_e23rThe Swiss Stylus for tablet and smartphone combines craftsmanship, purity, minimalism and versatility in a work of art.

This stylus features ergonomic design, supports a natural extension of your finger or hand, a fluent strong brass strip covered with transparent tubing, and minimalistic design.

The designer of this stylus, Shapedad, has designed a variety of different stylus for all different needs.

“When contacted by a client with Rheumatoid Arthritis – looking for an EVO pen type stylus – we made several prototypes and one of them was a bare minimal one. We named it the Swiss Stylus, since it combines all aspects that we’re aiming for; unique craftsmanship, purity, minimalism and versatility. The grip is a natural extension from the stick and is made from one fluent strip of brass covered with transparent tubing. You can hold and control it in many ways; it’s a personal discovery to find out what works best as a natural extension of your finger or hand. Once you’ve found the ideal grip, you don’t want to let the Swiss Stylus go anymore!” says Shapedad.

Products are shipped around the world, so no need to worry about hefty shipping costs.

To check out other stylus’ created by Shapedad check out his Etsy store.  If you don’t see something that fits your needs be sure and contact him for a custom solution.

USD $28.00

You can purchase this item from Etsy.



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