Finger Stylus

il_570xN.520026141_cwdp Control your tablet and smartphone with this “extended finger”; a highly conductive cone shaped stylus.

This stylus features natural extension of your finger; plug-and-play, flexible cone shaped silicone kernel, and highly conductive fabric; no drag, no pressure required.

The designer of this stylus, Shapedad, has designed a variety of different stylus for all different needs.
“The idea behind the Finger Stylus was driven by a paralyzed client (quadriplegic) who cannot move her fingers by her own intention, even though she can move her arms and wrists. And because her finger nails are keeping her from using capacitive devices, she suggested a “big capacitive thimble”. After two iterations, we’ve found a proper working generic solution and we’re happy to share this now with the world. The Finger Stylus is made of a flexible cone shaped silicone kernel with an inner diameter starting at 16mm (2/3″) and a length of 45mm (2″). The fabric is the same that is used in all our Stylus Socks concept styli, it’s just a huge highly conductive sock for this purpose.” says Shapedad.

Products are shipped around the world, so no need to worry about hefty shipping costs.

To check out other stylus’ created by Shapedad check out his Etsy store.  If you don’t see something that fits your needs be sure and contact him for a custom solution.

USD $22.00

You can purchase this item from Etsy.

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