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SnapType: The Latest News

For many people, question-answering is a task requiring assistive technology. In the past, many bright students were prejudged as “slow” because, while they had full capability to meet learning objectives, expected learning standards were another matter. There was one accepted way to prove you understood a concept: read questions testing your knowledge, and write out the correct
answer by hand. If a student had difficulty reading and/or writing in the standard sense, it was the student’s fault—or simply their tough luck.

Advances in understanding of disabilities, combined with accommodation requirements, has done much to eliminate that issue. So has technology for converting written questions into individually comprehensible, and individually answerable, forms. Among Apple/iOS users, the SnapType app is a popular option—largely because its features are user-friendly, comprehensive,
and kept updated to meet user needs.

Today, we look at the latest products and features from SnapType, including SnapType Pro 2 for the iPad and SnapType EDU for Chromebooks.

What Is SnapType?
SnapType was developed by an occupational therapist to help students with handwriting-impairment disabilities (cognitive, muscular, or visual). It enables completion of hard- and soft-copy worksheets by a simple three-step process:

  1. Take a picture of the worksheet or import a digital file.
  2. Adjust image for visibility, then use keyboard or speech-to-text to insert answers into the
    desired location.
  3. Save the completed worksheet for forwarding or printing.

    After eight years of development, SnapType Pro 2 launched, incorporating numerous updates requested by teachers, therapists, and parents.

    SnapType Pro 2 Features (iPad)
    Text-to-Speech: Reads the worksheet aloud, ensuring maximum utility for those who struggle with visibility, visual reading, and reading comprehension).
    Multiple page worksheets
    New Fonts Options: Includes open dyslexic, cursive, handwritten, and more.
    Unlimited Worksheet Storage
    Highlighter Tool
    Scissors Tool: Cut and paste portions of the worksheet.
    Colored Overlays: Enhances legibility.
    Hideable Icons: Reduces visual/sensory clutter
    Blank Page Templates: Offers grid, lined, story, and more.
    Customizable Blank Text Boxes
    Direct File Import: From cloud services like Google Drive.
    Search and Sort Worksheets
    And much more…

    SnapType EDU (Chromebook)
    To support schools with managed devices, SnapType partnered with Google for Education and recently launched SnapType EDU which contains many of features from the Pro 2 iPad app. With regular updates, the app is continuously improved with new features and capabilities.

    SnapType: Free
    SnapType Pro 2 (iPad): $49.99 per device (one-time purchase)
    SnapType EDU (Chromebook): $24.99 per student (annual license)

    Is SnapType for Your Family?
    SnapType, in any version, is known for being intuitive and easy to learn. If a student or job-seeker in your family struggles with legible writing, reading forms, or placing the right answers in the right places, consider giving SnapType a try.

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