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BridgingApps just published the following BridgingApps Reviewed App on the site:

SnapType Pro 2 is the newly updated SnapType for Occupational Therapy. It is an easy to use, intuitive app that allows completion of worksheets using the camera on mobile devices.

The app allows students to complete worksheets without the worry of their handwriting being illegible. They can quickly “Snap” a picture of a worksheet or virtually anything and then “type” directly onto it. Our reviewer loved using this app to complete forms because rather than type, she could use her device’s speech-to-text feature to fill out a form.

This app greatly assists students who have handwriting difficulties including dysgraphia, learning disabilities, low vision, low muscle tone and Parkinson’s. Our reviewer loved the simplicity of it and how user friendly it was. Being able to quickly search for documents has been a great addition. SnapType’s commitment to accessibility is obvious with its new text-to-speech feature that allows all students to have the same access to their worksheets. 

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