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Ping’s Progress Journey

BridgingApps is a proud follower of our student clients as they transition to higher education and employment. Today, Digital Learning Specialist Tara Rocha shares an update on one student who graduated high school in May 2022.

Our client Ping started with us while attending James Reese Career and Technical Center in Fort Bend ISD. She is currently taking two weekly courses from Houston Community College, and working part-time on non-class days. She stays in touch with BridgingApps and still uses our technology support services.

Ping has become very good at using her planner to schedule tests, projects, and important assignments. She also uses technology to dictate essays, respond to emails, and have Siri read messages to her. (Thanks to the Career and Technical Center, especially transition teacher Rochelle Fowkes, for instructing her in the necessary skills. Ping has also found Texas Workforce Commission—TWC—an invaluable help in navigating the post-high-school world.)

Ping’s Favorite Apps

Recently, Ping shared the apps she uses for assistive technology in her studies.

  • Glean provides an organized system for recording class lectures, plus space to add her own notes. Ping says that recordings come out pretty clear (she uses the app from a front-row seat, on a smartphone in the front pouch of her backpack).
  • We introduced Photomath to Ping and her mother as an aid for college algebra homework. Photomath is a virtual “tutor” that walks users through math problems. Ping’s mom keeps it on her own phone so that when Ping has a math question, they can go through the step-by-step solution together, assuring them both Ping is learning to understand the process.   
  • One Step Reader (available through Apple or Google Play) is a speech-to-text app which Ping adopted on the recommendation of Texas Workforce Commission. (They also gave her an iTunes gift card to pay for adding One Step to her TWC-issued iPad.) The app connects to a device’s camera and speakers to read text aloud; it also uploads textbooks for easy carrying. One Step, and other text-to-speech apps such as Speechify, are particularly helpful in college studies where piles of required reading are a daily thing. (Most apps also come with translation features and the ability to adjust reading speed.)
  • Grammarly–Keyboard & Editor provides real-time grammar and spelling checks while written assignments are being completed online. Additional features include a synonym finder and personalized suggestions for improving readability.

Keep up the good work, Ping! BridgingApps is right here cheering you on.

Ping and mother on Teams call.

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