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Most kids start asking, “When?” and “How much longer?” as soon as they can speak in sentences. But, as many a frustrated parent knows, preschoolers have difficulty grasping the difference between “in fifteen minutes” and “next week.”

The same is true for many people with developmental disabilities or autism—plus, people with other types of disabilities have their own challenges. Not everyone can read a clock from ten feet away, or work in the presence of a buzzing or blinking timer system. Enter Time Timer.

The first Time Timer® (a physical device) was invented in the late 1990s, by a mother who wanted to teach her preschooler the concept of time. The Timer displays a colored disk that slowly shrinks (like a classic clock hand turning backwards) to indicate time remaining. Visual thinkers, in particular, appreciate being able to “see” time pass without need to “decode” anything.

The app version (available free for both Android and iOS) has additional features:

  • Audio alerts
  • A selection of dial colors
  • Ability to create and store separate timers for regular routines.

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