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The Personality Stylus is made from natural and high quality material (beech, aluminum, conductive fabric) and the patterned ones come in one piece (so no loose parts). The ball grip has a 1/4″ (25mm) diameter and the pointer is 2 1/2″ (6cm) long. Please let the seller know if you have any specific questions or requirements.

The shape – based on their T-shaped Steady Stylus – has a ball grip that rests in the palm of your hand and a pointer that is placed between the fingers for smooth handling.

This stylus comes in 5 flavors:

– Owl: “Wise men touch”
– Bird: “Don’t touch when you’re angry”
– Pinocchio: “A touch never lies”
– Smiley: “Your touch makes me smile”
– DIY: “Bring your own personality”

Choose the pattern you like or pick the DIY version where you get the parts (one stick and three balls) to create your own personality.

This item can be found on Etsy.

USD $19.00

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  1. The ball itself is quite small, so the photo may create the impression that it is larger than it actually is. The wooden ball of the stylus fits nicely into the palm of one\’s hand and can be especially useful for those with fine motor difficulties or accuracy with one\’s finger, as you mention. Feel free to contact Ivo Beckers, the creator of the Personality Stylus and other well designed styli for special needs. He is quite responsive to questions about his products.

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