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Steady Stylus for iPad for special needs youngsters based on the original Chewy Tubes.

The Steady Stylus works for people who have difficulties holding an object like a pen, but who are able to firmly grasp something with their hand.

This version is based on the original Chewy Tubes made in the USA to develop biting and chewing skills. But with the conductive sock wrapped around its stick and a felt tweaked tip, it becomes a cool iPad stylus for the youngsters with additional support needs.

The idea to use the Chewy Tubes came from a mother of a special needs son. She saw the styli items in the easy shop and was wondering if the maker could  apply their conductive fabric sock concept on her son’s Chewy Tubes. And although the Chewy Tubes are small and flexible, the tests turned out great. The seller contacted Chewy Tubes HQ and they responded with enthusiasm on using their product as the basis for an iPad stylus.

Don’t find a stylus for your needs? Contact the seller on etsy for a custom solution!

This item can be found on Etsy.

USD $18.00

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  1. I ordered a Steady Stylus Junior with the yellow handle and love it. I want another one, but see only the wooden handled one on Etsy. How can I get another with yellow handle?

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