Leadership Montgomery County Chooses BridgingApps

megan_fry_andi_fryEach year Leadership Montgomery County Class chooses a project  that will be beneficial to the county.  They could choose from education, transportation, or water. During the discussions for a  2013 project, a member of the class mentioned how his daughter, who has a neurological disorder that prevents her from communicating with the outside world, was introduced to an iPad and how much it had helped her with communication and learning.

And just as technology has unlocked a door for Megan Fry (pictured with her mother Andi), the 2013 class of Leadership Montgomery County (LMC) hopes to unlock that door for other residents with special needs of the county through a program called BridgingApps. The class is raising funds to set up a site in Montgomery County where residents with special needs can be trained on the use of various digital tools and software. To learn more about the BridgingApps program and how technology has helped Megan, please click on the link and video below:




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