PSN January/February 2020

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By: Amy Fuchs and Amy Barry

As a new year begins, people everywhere are setting goals or resolutions to be better at something.  Many times resolutions include taking better care of oneself, spending more time with family, or working harder to get that dream job.  Many people also want to learn more about money management… How do I save to buy that new house, car, or phone or to be able to take that family vacation we have been dreaming about?  

In today’s world, our children most often see us paying with debit cards, credit cards, or even our phones!  This can make the concept of money harder than ever for our children to grasp. Although children today may rarely use paper bills and coins as payment when they become adults; understanding the value of money, including knowing how to count coins and make change, is the foundation for being able to better understand their own finances later.

We, at BridgingApps, have noticed a lot of new apps hitting the virtual stores (Apple App Store and Google Play Store) that aim to help all people learn how to better manage their money.  The best part? Many of them can be useful in helping teach our children everything they need to know about money; from how to count coins and spend money wisely to how to set a good example by saving up to buy those big ticket items! 

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Parenting Special Needs January/February 2020

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