Parenting Special Needs Magazine March 2020

Parenting Special Needs Magazine | Medical Tech Support: Managing Your Family’s Health Care

Taking care of the health of a family includes taking care of not only their physical health, but also emotional and mental health needs, and can be time consuming!  Managing the health of a child with a disability or special health care needs, however, can be extra challenging. Navigating online patient portals, keeping up with school immunization requirements, managing special dietary restrictions, and keeping track of doctor and therapy appointments can be overwhelming. Can you say “full time job?”

Well, many parents and caregivers already have full time work outside of the home, so whether you need a comprehensive system or just a simple tool for setting reminders to stay sane, BridgingApps has some tech ideas for you to try.  These tools include some that are web-based so you can manage and access the information from a computer at home, as well as have an app to provide access on the go. This mobile access can be a lifesaver when at a doctor’s office to help communicate up-to-date information on recent symptom changes, medication reactions, and other vital stats.

At the end of the day, you know your child best, and though many programs and hospitals offer case management, parents and caregivers are a child’s number one case manager! Let technology help support you as you advocate for your family’s health.

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