PSN March/April 2018

Parenting Special Needs Magazine | Life-Changing Apps for People with Disabilities

What makes an app life changing? We often have these aha moments at BridgingApps, as we hear from an excited father who just discovered the “perfect” calendar app to help his daughter manage her day. Or a recreational therapist shares a success with helping a teen reach his goal of navigating the community more independently. Extensive planning, sweat, problem-solving (not to mention persistence) and skill assessing has gone into achieving these goals. Will that calendar app work for all kids? Is the way finding tool the perfect app? No! But, it may be the perfect app for that individual. And that can be life changing.

Technology is not a silver bullet. Technology does not solve all problems. It is just a tool (a powerful one) in your toolbox. However, technology can help a person solve a small challenge that in turn, has a huge impact in his or her life. Using a calendar independently in elementary school, can have a big payoff when a teen begins to look for his first job.  Understanding directions and how maps work is a life skill that children of all abilities need to master, whether it is going from classroom to classroom or from home to work. We have included some of our favorite life changing apps, and we would love to hear about yours! Click the link or image below to read the full article.

PSN March/April 2018


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