Parenting Special Needs Magazine Holiday Edition

Parenting Special Needs Magazine | Holiday Edition

Come Bearing Gifts – And Wearing Them Too!

By Amy Barry and Cristen Reat

What do an Octopus, a smart thermometer and a QR code have in common? Holiday gift giving ideas for your family and friends! The world of mobile technology is ever changing and wearable technology is an exciting area full of new products that can be helpful for children with all types of special needs. If weighted blankets, chewy tubes or therapy balls aren’t on your child’s wish list this year, perhaps it is time to wow them with technology that is both cool and practical.

At BridgingApps we trial and review apps that are designed with specific disabilities in mind as well as explore how mainstream apps can be used in unique and effective ways that are beneficial for children with special needs. We have ventured beyond the realm of apps to include wearable smart technology this year and offer a range of gift ideas for children and caregivers.

The products we have highlighted in this article are comprised of items used in imaginative ways to enhance the lives of children with disabilities and their families. Click the link  or image below to read the full article.

Parenting Special Needs Magazine Holiday Edition

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