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Digital Safety: An Ongoing Conversation

by The BridgingApps Team

We are parents just like you, who are concerned with the content that our children consume digitally. We too struggle with how best to allow our kids to safely navigate the online world. With recent revelations about data and privacy issues involving Facebook, the headlines stoke our fears and raise questions, such as How much do we allow? How much do we restrict? What is safe? What is harmful?

We at BridgingApps advocate for kids with disabilities and their families to leverage mobile devices to enhance their lives. Period. We have adopted the approach to technology that Alexandra Samuel outlines in her 2015 article in The Atlantic, which is that we strive to be digital mentors for our kids. Our goal as parents and as professionals is to assist kids to “navigate the digital world, rather than shield them from it.”  This approach does not mean that we do not limit or restrict online access, but rather that we actively work with our kids – at their level – to help develop their online skills and experiences with the digital world. Such skill development is critical to help our kids transition successfully into adulthood. It is not a one time discussion, but an ongoing conversation. Let’s help them practice problem-solving, critical thinking and supported decision making in a safe environment at home before they are adults.

We have put together a list of helpful tips and some of our favorite apps that support mobile device mentorship, and we encourage you to share your own ideas and journey with us. What tools have you found helpful? Click the link or image below to read the full article.


PSN May/June 2018

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