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October is Blindness Awareness Month | Meet Reviewer Christopher Wright

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October is Blind Awareness Month and we are proud to feature BridgingApps App Reviewer Christoper Wright. Christopher is totally blind and uses all kinds of computer and mobile technology. He recently obtained his CompTIA A+ certification and is seeking a career in Information Technology. Christopher volunteers at a Goodwill computer works store and currently runs his own tech support business called Alternate Options.

Christopher loves the seemingly endless possibilities of technology such as the iPhone can provide when it comes to accessing information or communicating with other people. He is also a strong proponent of smart home technology, as it has the potential to level the playing field in terms of accessing information that most take for granted. He is very excited about future computer technology innovations. Read Christopher’s blogpost about Smart Home Technology for Individuals with Special Needs.

BridgingApps has compiled a list of apps of some of our favorite apps for visually impaired mobile device users. Click the link below to see the full list:

BridgingApps Blind App List


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